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About BarNoneJobs

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While some employers are willing to hire ex-offenders, many are not, and this creates a hardship for offenders who have “paid their debt to society” and are ready to pursue a life that is productive. An Ex-offender looking for a job is akin to someone looking for a needle in a haystack. That is the truth, however, this article is not going to focus on that fact; instead, this article is going to focus on a solution. www.barnonejobs.com .

In every city, in every state, there are businesses that will hire a person with a criminal background. For every “felony-friendly” business, there are three companies that won’t, and there are three companies that can’t hire this group of people.  The key to finding the “felony-friendly” companies (because they won’t themselves, advertise that they’re hiring ex-offenders) is to reach out to the business community and talk to the business owners directly.

The business owners and Managers, who can hire people at their discretion, need to be orientated to the value of hiring people with criminal backgrounds. www.barnonejobs.com is an online job portal that markets to job applicants with criminal backgrounds and employers who will hire them.  The Staff also trains applicants how to dress for success, speak, and sell themselves at interviews.